It’s been years since we ran this poll, so let’s update it. You’re on Team Black if you prefer wearing black to dark blue and vice versa. Team Black won the race before because black was simply a lot more available than dark blue. That has changed. Wardrobe items in shades of dark blue are more available and fashionable than ever, giving black a run for its money as your dark neutral of choice.

As dark blue found its way back to retail, I began purchasing more and more of it. I can wear both, but feel that dark blue is more flattering with my complexion. And hubs Greg thinks so too. I prefer the softer and richer effect of dark blue, and now much prefer it to black. I wear some black, especially in patterns, with lots of white, as a layering top, or as an accent. I will also wear black with dark blue. But I add solid black to my wardrobe very sparingly, and don’t put the brakes on dark blue. For the most part, dark blue is my black. I bat for Team Dark Blue.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Black or Team Dark Blue? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to hang out on the bench with wild mushrooms and polenta, sticky & spicy chicken wings, a big green salad, and lemon Bundt cake with cream cheese icing.