When an item that you adore is a close-to-perfect fit and alterable, the question is whether you’ll go to the effort and expense of the alteration. For me, it’s almost aways a resounding YES. 

Generally, if I choose the right size in a brand, silhouette and cut that is suited to my body type, clothing items fit well quite easily. That said, I’m a stickler for perfect fit so I do sometimes do alterations. These days I’m finding that I need to have jeans, pants, and the odd frock altered more frequently, for two main reasons.

1. Fashionable High Rises

I have a bit of a swayback which means that the waistband of high-rise jeans and pants can stand away from the back of my waist despite fitting well everywhere else. It’s an easy $20 alteration having the back of the waistband nipped and tucked. I’m fine with that because it makes the difference visually, and prevents the bottoms from sliding down. I don’t have this waistband fit challenge with mid and low rises because the waistbands sit lower down the small of my back.

I’ve had these high-rise jeans altered at the back of the waistband to create a fab fit:

2. Retailers Don’t Make my Size

Sometimes an item is one size too large, but I can’t size down because the retailer doesn’t make a smaller size. Boden and Scotch & Soda are two of my current go-to brands where I sometimes need a whole size down, but am sized out. I have effectively had items altered a whole size down in the width so I continue to regularly shop those brands. It’s a more expensive alteration, but worth it to be wearing an item that was “custom-made” for my body.

I’ve had these items altered a whole size down in the width to create a fab fit:

My weight is quite stable, so when an item is altered to fit, it tends to fit for the duration of its life in my closet. It’s also important that I showcase perfectly fitting clothing because it sets the example for clients who aspire to perfect fit. These things definitely help me justify the expense of my alterations.

Of course, finding items that I love and fit perfectly straight off the rack is first prize. But when that doesn’t happen, I make alterations a priority and absorb the expense. How about you? Do you go to the trouble and expense of having items altered to achieve a perfect fit?