Today’s poll is about your preference for structure or movement on the bottom of a skirt or dress. You bat for Team Straight Skirt & Dress if you prefer skirts and dresses with slim silhouettes, like pencil skirts, tulip skirts, trumpet skirts and sheaths. Note that pencil skirts and sheaths can be straight to very tapered on the side seams, both of which fall into Team Straight. You bat for Team Flared Skirt & Dress when you prefer a silhouette with movement at the bottom. The side seams are in no way straight or tapered. That means A-line skirts, any style of flared skirt, fit-and-flare frocks, shifts and architectural sack dresses.

My clients tend to be an even split between the teams. Some like a lot of structure on the bottom, and some prefer movement. Many prefer pencil skirts for the simple reason that they’re easier to combine with tops and toppers, and because they look slimmer in a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts also feel and look less juvenile than a flared skirt. Others prefer the fit of flared skirts over their curves, and enjoy the swooshing movement.

I bat firmly for Team Flared Skirt & Dress. I went off very structured pencil skirts and sheath dresses in a big way the last couple of years. I much prefer wearing skirts and dresses with a little or a lot of movement in the hips, thighs and calves because they’re more comfortable, easier to walk in, less strict, and Modern Retro. I love the swoosh against my legs, the romantic integrity, and the elegance of a flared midi skirt/dress. That’s why most of my current skirts and dresses are flared in some way.

Here are my flared dresses and skirts. The first three dresses and pink skirt look like sheaths and a pencil, but they are A-line and not straight on the side seams in person.

That said, I do have few straight dresses and skirts, three of which I bought last year. The watermelon lace dress is old, gorgeous, beautifully made, and fits well. But I’m off the tailored structure from neckline to hem and haven’t worn it in years. The olive and navy sweater dresses are very relaxed through the waist, soft and cosy, and not tapered at the side seams, all of which help temper the hip hugging fit. I bought the red floral dress for a wedding and it’s structured from neckline to hem. I haven’t worn it since the wedding a year ago. The denim skirt is old, does not have stretch, and is very fitted. But I’m in love with the ‘80s acid wash so I wear it every year. The turquoise lace skirt was bought last year. I love it, and it was frequently worn in hot weather. It’s straight but not tapered at the side seams so I can walk in it very easily. It’s almost A-line, which is why the silhouette is a winner.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Straight or Team Flared Skirt & Dress? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. Feel free to sit this one out on the bench with leak fritters and a green salad if you can’t pick a side.