It’s the last week of the year. A time to unwind, soak up the festivities, eat your favourite foods, cook up a storm, dress up and down, bop to fun music, relax, sleep in, hang out in PJs and loungewear a little longer, catch up on reading and tele, take therapeutic walks, spend time with friends, appreciate loved ones, and enjoy the gift of giving. 

At least that’s what’s the residents of the Cox Castle will be doing! We’re at home in Seattle and looking forward to giving airports a break until the new year.

Our Yorkie Sam is the nicest little dude, and he wants to let you know that by sporting his favourite holiday bandana. The funniest part of Christmas morning is watching Sam open presents, and it looks like he’s getting a head start.

We’ll be slowing things down a lot this week. The next post will be my summary of 2018 on New Year’s Eve. We wish you a happy holiday weekend filled with safe travel, lots of laughter, groovy style, and peace in your hearts.