We’re ending 2018 on a bang with blogging legend Kasmira Kit (43). Sacramento-based Kasmira is a state emergency services analyst who has been blogging for 12 years, and posts an outfit almost every weekday. What a feat! Over the years, her style has remained so very recognizably her very own. It’s creative, unique, timeless, quirky, and beyond trends. Kasmira is an adventurous dresser who loves statement leggings and novelty hosiery. She’s also a master of maximal pattern mixing and unusual outfit combinations.

“Over the past five years, I’ve really committed to a limited color palette. I find it easier to wear my entire closet when the colors fall into a cohesive ‘story’. I used to wear every color but I found that a rainbow selection actually suppressed my creativity by overwhelming me with choice. I’d call my look Utilitarian Drama. (That has not changed!) I’m always torn between the extremes of being practical and being expressive. My daily outfits fall somewhere in the spectrum.”

Kasmira - 1

A fun jacket + turtleneck + statement skirt + novelty hosiery is one of Kasmira’s go-to outfit formulas. For this particular version, our 5’5” blogger has tucked a simple black turtleneck into an eye-catching, flowy midi skirt. Tucking the top streamlines the look and accentuates Kasmira’s svelte waist. So does the wide black belt. Her plaid, black, white, green and red skirt is the statement piece. The rest of the outfit cleverly works within the same colour palette. The cropped, waist-length moto jacket lengthens the leg line and adds a casual touch. The white hose with black polka dots are a quirky way to add some pattern mixing. Kasmira’s tassel necklace echoes the wood heel on her black loafers. The red crossbody ties the outfit together.

Kasmira - 2

Kasmira is a master pattern mixer and regularly combines dressy and sporty pieces. Here she’s wearing a brown leopard print shirt under a black and white patterned mini dress. The warm-toned leopard print is repeated in the sand-coloured pointy-toe booties, which bookends the look beautifully. At the same time, Kasmira’s grey updo picks up the colours in the cool-toned dress. Adding sporty statement leggings with see-through panels is unexpected and very Kasmira. The siky black pussy bow is the playful finishing touch. A fun and dressy juxtaposition against the sporty leggings.

Kasmira - 3

This is a fab example of Angie’s Arty Kimono Jacket with Denim outfit formula. Kasmira has paired light-wash denim shorts with a striped top that is cropped enough to showcase her brown patterned belt. The breezy kimono is an easy way to add a third piece to an outfit in warmer weather. It also creates a dramatic vibe that fits Kasmira’s style personality perfectly. The rugged cowboy boots work well with the faded denim shorts and bring the on-trend Western vibe into the look. Wearing boots with patterned insets is an unexpected and fun way to pattern mix. The brown necklace echoes the brown in the kimono and Kasmira’s belt. Soft peachy lipstick and she is ready to go.

Kasmira has been documenting her outfits for 12 years! I asked her where she keeps getting ideas for putting together an outfit she loves every day:

“I stay inspired by challenging myself to create a brand new ‘look’ every day. I’ve almost never repeated an outfit combination in 12 years. I believe there are (nearly) infinite possibilities within a finite wardrobe. I challenge myself to find those possibilities. I’m committed to avoiding disposable fashion and wearing my items until they fall apart (or no longer fit), so that means constantly exploring new combinations. I also find inspiration from other bloggers, any ‘new’ item I add to my wardrobe, and my archives.”

Kasmira - 4

Shocking pink with earthy brown tones is an unusual yet very fun colour combo. By wearing the sweater over a dress and adding a belt, Kasmira has created a faux-skirt look that makes her dress an even more versatile wardrobe piece. The gauze, floaty fabric of the knee-length dress creates dressy elegance. The felted balls on the sweater are a playful touch that is trademark Kasmira. Her brown high-heeled boots lengthen the leg line and work well with the brown frock. Sporting floral patterned tights with the floral dress is a creative pattern mixing move that adds extra pizzazz. Note how the colour of the sweater is repeated in the pink flowers on the tights. Pink lipstick and long, pink feather earrings tie everything together.

Kasmira - 5

Kasmira didn’t intentionally bookend this outfit, but mentioned that she really likes how the greyish taupe boots and her gray hair look with an almost all-black outfit. She’s layered a slim-fit wrap sweater over a black and white striped tee and tucked both into high-waisted black jeggings. The on-trend high rise and button-fly are emphasized by adding a black belt with oversized silver buckle. A hip-length black velvet blazer adds soft textural interest. So do the over-the-knee suede boots that are high contrast against the black skinnies. Opting for light-coloured over-the-knee boots makes them stand out more and creates extra drama. The horizontal line created by the high-contrast top of the boots is offset by the length of the boots, which lengthens the leg upward from the calves. Soft pink lipstick and a dainty silver necklace complete this polished casual outfit.

Kasmira - 6

A bold outfit that has Kasmira’s name written all over it. She’s paired a straight, mid-thigh sweater dress with eye-catching galaxy print leggings. I love that the blue in the cosy striped sweater dress is brighter than the navy you usually see in Breton-striped items. It’s also the same blue that comes back in the bold leggings and the bright floral patterned scarf. This helps tie everything together beautifully, and makes the advanced pattern mixing work so well. Adding an on-trend longer length blazer in light toffee adds warmth to the otherwise cool-toned colour palette. So do the cognac cowboy boots. And aren’t they the perfect way to add a classic Western vibe to our blogger’s space cowboy leggings!

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Kasmira’s bold, dramatic style. Let us know in the comments, and then hop on over to her website to browse the rest of her wonderful outfits.