Our final poll for 2018 is about footwear. Do you prefer to wear boots, sandals or sneakers? Maybe you prefer the look of one, but the comfort level of another. Or maybe there’s no contest, and you like one type a lot more than the other two. 

Obviously this isn’t about your choice on any particular day. Boots are always going to be more practical than sandals on a cold winter’s day. But which of these three types of footwear do you enjoy wearing the most.

My clientele are a pretty even split between boots and sandals as their favourites of the three, although sneakers are gaining momentum. But my guess is that Team Boots will win the race here today.

I wear all three styles of shoe, but boots most of all because they work best for my climate. I find sandals extremely hard to fit, and impossible to wear unless they’re very soft, flat, reasonably supportive, and in a narrow size. I’ve found two pairs that work and left it at that. I enjoy wearing a white fashion sneaker in the Summer, and LOVE my fleece-lined leather Converse hi-tops for the rest of the year. But I enjoy boots most of all, and have a great assortment that go the distance. I bat for Team Boots.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Boots, Team Sandals, or Team Sneakers? Tell us why and no batting for more than one team. If you can’t pick a side, feel free to sit this one out on the bench with your favourite meal of the year.