Some forum members recently mentioned that their camisoles ride up, role at the hems, or twist around. I wear a camisole daily, and it does not move. I’m active throughout the day, constantly stretching and moving, and my camis still stay put. They feel like a second skin, and I feel naked without one. Here are the exact camisoles from my wardrobe across a range of price points and colours. I have multiples of each, and replenish regularly.

Here are some of factors that ensure that a cami stays in place.


My camisoles are snug and form-fitting. Some are body-con, and some are tailored. There is no space for them to twist around my body. They also perfectly cover my bras, so there is no strap irritation. The straps of the camisole are in exactly the same position as the straps of my bras.


A camisole can ride up when it’s too short or too long. I’ve found that a length with a hem that finishes one to two inches above the crotch point is dead right. But don’t stretch or scrunch the camisole down or up to that length. It must comfortably lay at that length.


I have a strong preference for 100% cotton camisoles, or at least cotton-rich and rayon-rich camisoles. The friction of the cotton and rayon grips your skin instead of sliding around like a slippery synthetic nylon, silk or the like. I’ve tried wearing synthetic camisoles and the hems seem to roll more easily. Silk camisoles are beautiful, but very slippery.


When I’m wearing jeans, pants or a skirt, I wear my camisole over my knickers but tuck it into the bottoms. When I’m wearing a dress or skirt with pantyhose, I tuck the camisole into the pantyhose. In the Summer when I don’t wear hose with dresses, I tuck the camisole into shapewear. I like to wear gentle shapewear under fit-and-flare dresses because it feels more insulating.

Over to you. What are your tactics for keeping camisoles in place?