Button-fly jeans are a fringe trend. I think they are a throwback to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s original and unisex Levi’s 501 jeans. I can’t remember button flies before that, but will stand corrected if I’m mistaken. Those 501’s were the first time I wore button-fly jeans.

My clients, friends and family vary in their tolerance for button-fly jeans. Some prefer it, some have no preference, and some prefer a zipper fly. Some occasionally tolerate a button fly if it’s a visible feature of the jeans. Some like to have a mix of button fly and zipper fly. And some — like my Dad and brother — refuse to wear button-fly jeans.

There is no getting away from the fact that a zipper fly is fast, practical, smooth, and easy. A button fly takes more time to fasten and unfasten, and some find the buttons bulky and bulging on the tummy area. But a button fly can be fun, different, nostalgic, and a design feature of the jeans. Although an acquired taste, it’s an interesting vibe.

Personally, I have no preference. I wear a button fly as happily as a zipper fly, and don’t find them inconvenient, bulky or bothersome. I also find button flies a bit nostalgic. I have four pairs of button fly-jeans at the moment, and am not opposed to getting more. Two pairs have visible button flies, and two have concealed button flies. It’s fun to have the variety. Coincidently, my three pairs of new jeans have button flies, and I love them all.

I vote yay for button-fly jeans. What’s your verdict?