I don’t spend a lot of time in the car, but enough to have a preference for the type of outerwear that is most comfortable when driving: SHORT outerwear like peacoats, woolly bombers, blazers, denim jackets moto jackets, a cape coat, and short puffers. 

I prefer the look, warmth, drama, elegance, and outfit versatility of longer coats. But they are less comfortable to wear when driving. They are bulky and get in the way. They also often crease at the back when you sit in them, which drives me bananas. So I take them off when I drive (or am a passenger), and lay them down on the seat. I put the seat warmers and heat on full blast to stay warm without my coat.

My long, insulating coats are excellent for urban walking and shopping with clients. When I’m taking public transport, sometimes I take my coat off when I sit, and sometimes I don’t. But I often don’t get a seat in the bus, tram or train which means I keep on my long coat.

My clients run the gamut. Those who spend a significant part of the day in the car tend to stick to shorter jackets and coats, and sporty gear styles that don’t crease, across a range of lengths. Others have similar preferences to me, or don’t wear a coat at all because they’re moving directly from one heated environment to another during the day.

Over to you. Do you have an outerwear preference for when you drive, and do you wear your coats and jackets in the car?