I used to wear pointy-toe ankle strap pumps with a two inch heel a lot in warm weather (sometimes without the ankle strap). The pointy toe suited my narrow feet, the dainty style suited my narrow calf, and the heel lengthened my leg line. The pumps also added what I perceived to be a dressy, elegant and refined polish to my outfits. I wore them with skirts and dresses, cropped pants, cropped jeans, a jumpsuit, and harem pants. They were a very versatile warm-weather shoe for my style. Here are the exact pumps from my wardrobe.

Sadly, I passed on all the pumps two years ago because I can no longer comfortably wear the heel height. Switching up the heel shape to a block heel makes no difference because I’m happiest in heel heights between half and one and a half inches. I walk and travel a lot, and therefore do not compromise on foot comfort. So I temporarily lost quite an integral part of my warm-weather style when the pumps went bye-bye.

I left things for a year and simply wore multiple pairs of modern classic loafers with a one inch heel because I was all too happy to have found covered Summer shoes that went the distance. As much as I adore flat loafers, they are not a substitute for pointy-toe ankle strap pumps. Too casual and not as refined or elegant.

It seemed obvious that I look for a flat version of the ankle strap pumps as a replacement, but that’s easier said than done. The strap of ankle strap flats usually cuts into my skin, and regular ballet flats are hard to fit. Round-toe ballet flats are too wide and short for my low-volume feet, and not dainty enough for my tastes. The pointy-toe styles fall off my feet. Ballet flats can also be hard and unsupportive.

By chance this Summer (because you find things when you’re NOT looking for them) I found a much better visual substitute for the pumps. They’re Banana Republic’s pointy-toe Robin ballet flat in watermelon and red suede (above). I took a chance with the watermelon, put them through their paces, and was delighted to discover that they work wonderfully well. I’ve walked Velp, Seattle and Salt Lake City flat in them, and they’re great. I promptly repeated the style in red.


With the addition of the flat substitute, I’ve been able to haul out old wardrobe favourites like my black harem pants and wear them with the same affection as when I wore them with pumps. For example, I wore the old outfit on the right in Salt Lake City last week, but with watermelon ballet flats instead of pumps. I added pearls, a denim jacket, and light blue crossbody bag. I was very comfortable walking and working, and sometimes with our Yorkie Sam in tow.

Here are the exact components of the 2018 outfit. I enjoy remixing old wardrobe items with new. The pants are ten years old, the jacket and blouse five, and the shoes and bag are new. The pants, blouse and jacket are exceptional quality items that it’s no wonder they went the distance. They look as good now, as the day I bought them despite frequent washing and wearing. I’m hard on shoes, so I don’t know how long the flats will last, but the Furla will go the distance too.