There have been comments on the blog and forum lately about not wanting to wear midi skirts and dresses when you have muscular calves because it’s unflattering to your eye, and makes you feel less than fab. There is something about the calf-length of a midi skirt or dress that draws attention to the calf area in a way that makes you uncomfortable with the visual effect.

First, your muscular calves are fabulous and why the heck shouldn’t you showcase them. Be proud of your muscular calves.

Second, I’m empathetic to what you’re seeing and feeling because some of my clients feel the same way. They like the idea of a midi length, but feel that the horizontal line of the hem cuts across the widest part of their calves, making them feel unattractive. My suggestion is to try a midi skirt or dress with an asymmetrical hemline and some movement. The collection below provides good examples.

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The asymmetry of the hem creates diagonal lines that offset the width and curve of the calf. Diagonal lines are magical because they balance out proportions, either straightening curves OR enhancing them. That’s why these types of midi skirts and dresses work equally well for narrow, un-muscular calves like mine.

The asymmetrical hems on midis can have one, a few, or many diagonal lines depending on the silhouette. The length of the midi can vary too. If you wear a midi a little longer, but shorter than maxi length, the hem will float over the widest part of the calf which you might think is even more flattering.

Midi skirts and dresses with asymmetrical hemlines and movement prevent the cling that would draw attention to the widest part of calf. The drapey swoosh is just as magical as the diagonal lines.

And last, please don’t think you have to be tall. You can absolutely wear midi skirts and dresses when you’re petite. Simply adjust the length so that they are actually midi and not maxi length. Or wear the midi on the shorter end of the spectrum.