When I ran this poll on YLF many years ago, it was an easy victory for Team Waist Definition. But since then, fluid and oversized fits with varying degrees of slouch in tops, knitwear, pants and dresses have become fashionable and trendy. Even flooding the market. Slowly but surely, clothing with waist definition is coming back on trend (although it never went out of style). The assortment of both structured and unstructured silhouettes at retail is once again looking balanced.

You are on Team Waist Definition if you prefer to wear outfits that showcase your waistline, thereby adding structure to the outfit. Waist definition usually means that you enjoy sporting the narrowest part of your torso because it creates a silhouette that makes you feel fabulous. Defining your waist can be extreme, like wearing body-con clothing, a fit-and-flare dress, a belted coat, or tucking a top into bottoms that are tailored on the waist. Or it can be subtle, like semi-tucking a fluid or oversized top into bottoms with a mid or low rise. Either way, outfits with waist definition can add professional polish to your look, create curves, accentuate curves, create positive body image, and make you feel more streamlined in your outfit.

You are on Team Waist Surrender if you prefer to wear outfits that do not draw attention to your waistline. You wear cuts that are trapeze, A-line, boxy, draped or straight, and use the fluid or oversized volume of the garment to hide the silhouette of the midsection. Waist-surrendering outfits are extremely comfortable and forgiving of midsection extra bits. No need for shapewear or worrying about a belly that expands during the day. Waist-surrendering outfits can look arty, architectural, avant-garde and interesting, thereby making you feel confident and fabulous.

I love wearing both. I thoroughly enjoy extreme waist definition by wearing fit-and-flare dresses, body-con knitwear, belted trench coats, and fully tucking tops into tailored skirts, trousers and high-rise skinnies. I enjoy subtle waist definition by semi-tucking fluid tops into all sorts of bottoms. But I also enjoy wearing straight shift and shirt dresses, cocoon coats, the occasional sack dress, boxy untucked cropped tops, and fluid untucked tops. So I’m benched with the very best seeded Dutch bread, Dutch cheese, Irish butter, cherry tomatoes, a rocket salad, and cold fresh mango for dessert.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Waist Definition or Team Waist Surrender? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams, but feel free to join me on the bench.