You are on Team Summer Polish when you paint your toenails a colour all Summer long. You are on Team Summer Naked Nails when you don’t varnish your nails at all, or use clear polish. NOTE: this poll is about your SUMMER toenail style, so don’t include your Winter toenail preference when you might leave toenails to breath au naturel.

I’m very curious to hear your preference along with where you live. When I was in the fashionable, stylish and trendy Amalfi Coast earlier this Summer, I noticed how very few women had painted toenails (and fingernails for that matter). It was extremely crowded with locals and tourists, yet if I saw two women a day with colourful toes – it was a lot. It’s Team Summer Naked Nails on that side of the world. Generally feet were well-groomed, but it was au naturel or clear polish all the way. This was not what I expected.

When I was in Velp visiting my Dad or in London visiting family over the Summer – I noticed a similar thing. There are very few women with painted toenails. I’m not sure if it’s a regional Euro thing or a new Naked Nail trend. Most of my clients and friends here in Seattle have painted Summer toenails. It’s also very common to see painted toenails on the street.

I used to paint my toenails a pearly white, but haven’t for a couple of years because my nails started reacting negatively to the polish. I have regular pedicures, but use a clear nail strengthener instead of coloured polish. It adds a subtle shine and makes my feet look well-groomed. I missed my pearly white polish in the first six months, but have grown to prefer my colour-free nails. I also felt on trend batting for Team Summer Naked Nails when on holiday in Italy. I might never go back to painting my toenails.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Summer Polish or Team Summer Naked Nails? Is it the norm to see coloured toenail polish in your neck of the woods?