Cast your mind back to the mid ‘90s when slip dresses were at the height of their popularity. All these years later, and they’re back. It’s FANTASTIC that more and more silhouettes from the past are being added to the melting pot of fashion. That way style longevity wins the race. Modern fashion is brilliant. 

A slip dress looks like an underwear slip, which is where it got its name. It’s skimpy up top with a low neckline and spaghetti straps. The rest of the dress is roomy, A-line, and sometimes quite voluminous. Slip dresses are seldom fitted, but can be cut on the bias to create a fit that hugs closer to the body. They come in all sorts of lengths, fabrics and patterns. The collection below shows a good assortment of them.

Tibi Slip Dress
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Mini Cami Slip Dress
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Slip dresses have been a fringe trend for a couple of years, and I suspect that’s where they will stay. Worn on their own, they’re skin-baring and naked, much like you’re wearing an item of underwear or sleepwear. The slip dress is even more revealing when you sit down or bend over. Unless you pair the dress with a playful and gorgeous bra that becomes part of the strappy vibe, you’ll need to wear a strapless bra or go without. Their often shapeless silhouette can be unflattering. All these characteristics make the slip dress an acquired taste.

That said, slip dresses can showcase your figure in ways that make you feel fabulous and alluring. They are very breezy and cool, and extremely comfortable in the right fabric. They are great to lounge in at home, wear to the beach or pool, and can make a fun bathing costume cover-up.

You can ALSO layer under and over a slip dress for coverage and warmth. This allows you to wear a regular bra, create and an interesting outfit effect, and increase the versatility of the silhouette. Here are four ways to do just that.

1. The Tee

Layering a simple fitted T-shirt under a slip dress is easy and practical. It dresses down a dressier slip dress, and makes it a whole lot more comfortable. A short-sleeved white tee with a round neck is a popular choice, but feel free to choose any colour and style of tee. A tonal look is just as fab as a high-contrast one. Feel free to finish off the outfit with casual footwear like slides, mules, ballet flats, loafers or sneakers.

KENZO Pleated Ruffled Crepe and Satin Midi Dress

2. The Topper

Layering a jacket or cardigan over a slip dress is another way to go. Think denim jackets, motos, blazers, bombers, utility jackets, kimono jackets, trapeze jackets, and all sorts of cardigans. This gives you the option of changing your layers as you move through the day.

T BY ALEXANDER WANG Plaid Gauze Midi Dress

3. The Turtleneck

You can wear a slip dress in a mild Autumn and Winter with a turtleneck layered underneath. Finish off the look with booties or taller boots and hosiery, and Bob’s your uncle.

VINCE Hammered-satin Midi Dress

4. The Tank

Last, keep the look less covered and more breezy by layering a tank top under the slip dress. The tank can have wider straps than what you see in the photo. Choose any colour that works with the dress.

Loewe Trapeze Slipdress

Of course, you can layer BOTH under and over a slip dress in the same outfit if you like. Tee or tank, and a topper worn together will work just fine. The multiple layers look fun and interesting, a little maximal, and are practical too.

I like the slip dress best with a layer worn underneath it for my own style. I don’t like to wear skimpy clothing and prefer the comfort of being covered. I really like the turtleneck version, and would layer a jacket over the top of that version for extra warmth. I’d add hosiery and my tall tailored boots and be good to go. How about you. What do you think of the slip dress trend?