Stripe peplum tee
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Today we’re celebrating those unexpected wardrobe items that you got for a song and are still going strong. I’ll go first.

I bought a navy and white striped peplum top on deep discount on the sale rack at the Gap three and a half years ago — and it’s phenomenal. It’s made of a very substantial knitted jersey, which is a wild card in itself since I wear woven tops and knitwear almost exclusively. I’m lukewarm about peplums, but this one fits perfectly and I like classic stripes. It was the only style like it on the sale rack, and was coincidentally in my size. It has a back zipper which allows the neckline to close very tightly around the neck providing the structure that my long neck and narrow shoulders crave around my shoulder neck point. The sleeves are a bonus elbow length, and the fabric is soft to the touch and drapes like a dream.

It’s been worn and laundered over and over again, and still looks new. After a cycle in the machine, it hang dries perfectly as if it was ironed. It hasn’t shrunk, faded or stretched out. It looks crisp and polished on the body, and does not crease.

The silhouette has longevity, and classic stripes hold my interest. So I’m keeping the top until it falls apart – which at this rate is going to take a good long while. It’s a great top for warm-weather travel, because it’s soft, comfy, does not crease, and looks crisp after a long flight or road trip. It also layers well under a jacket and works with a range of jeans and pants.

My word. It’s the best $11 I’ve ever spent on a top.

Your turn to celebrate a wardrobe item or two.