We are re-running this poll because it’s been THE most incredible dress and skirt season. My clients are having a ball purchasing dresses and skirts instead of the usual pants, tops and jeans. Finally, retailers are getting that we need sleeved dresses with knee-covering lengths in casual styles and flattering silhouettes. We need skirts that are not just the basic pencil. AND we want them across an assortment of sizes, colours, patterns and fabrics. I’ve waited six years for the dress and skirt trends to change and at last they have. Let’s hope these trends continue.

I like skirts, but I love dresses and bat for Team Dress. There’s something about the ease of the one-piece dress that you can pull on and go that’s very appealing. It has built-in vertical and elongating integrity. Dresses are easier to style than a skirt because you don’t need to worry about matching it with a top. When you have a good assortment of denim jackets, short toppers, and coats like I do, dresses are easy to insulate when you want the extra coverage.

Dresses and skirts are equally feminine, dressy and elegant wardrobe items that can be worn with dressy or casual flat or low-heeled footwear. Yet I generally feel more pulled together wearing a dress than a skirt. The top can be fussy when it’s tucked or semi-tucked into a skirt, but I’m carefree about that aspect in a dress. Granted, skirts can be easier to fit than dresses especially if you wear a different size on the top and bottom. But it’s been a brilliant dress season, and I’m prepared to have dresses altered to create a perfect fit.

My preferences for dresses over skirts is reflected in my wardrobe. I have many dresses, and these are the exact ones hanging in my closet:

These are my skirts, and I have fewer of them:

My clients run the gamut. Some prefer dresses over skirts and vice versa. What’s your preference, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t choose, you’re welcome to hang out on the bench where I’m serving quinoa and tofu veggie bowls, steamed broccoli, and homemade frozen strawberry yogurt.