Changing up the silhouettes or the colours of an outfit are effective ways to create the variety that combats outfit boredom and prevent a style rut. You’re on Team Silhouette if you crave a change in silhouette before colour, and vice versa for team colour. Note that “colour” here can be both neutrals and non-neutrals.

I tend to crave a change in colour before I crave a change in silhouette. That’s why I have a wardrobe rich in many colours, including both light and dark neutrals. The neutrals range from all shades of white and denim blue, to dark blue and black. The colours vary from sour brights and neons, to pastels and earth tones. I can wear the same outfit formula or “uniform” throughout a season as long as I swap out the colours of the components. I tend to purchase the same silhouettes in tops especially — Winter turtlenecks and crew necks are a good example — but have a very wide assortment of colours. The same goes for jeans, blazers, dresses, loafers, booties and bags. The silhouettes are similar, but the variety and the way I combat outfit boredom comes through in the diverse set of colours (and patterns for that matter), and how the items are remixed in an outfit. I bat for Team Colour.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Silhouette or Team Colour? You might find that you bat for both because you crave a change in silhouette as much as a change in colour. There are no right and wrong answers, but simply preferences that help us to build a style that satisfies our needs and helps us to navigate the overwhelming world of retail.