Today, we’re checking back in with wonderful blogger Carelia from My Small Wardrobe, who was first featured here in July 2013. She continues to be the Queen of Creative Outfit Combinations, and can literally do it all: from dressy to super casual, brights and neutrals, ladylike and androgynous. But of course her style has evolved over the last few years:

1. I’m becoming even more careful and responsible about my fashion purchases. I’m trying to avoid as much as possible super trendy and cheap made garments. Little by little, I’m purging my wardrobe from fast fashion and focusing more on fabulous basics that can be updated with the use of accessories. I still think trends are important but more as an accent piece than foundational.

2. I continue being picky and selective with shoes because I’m totally convinced that well-made shoes with a great fit can transform an outfit from ok to fabulous.

3. I’m still a firm believer in dressing fun, however, I’ve been doing some changes with the use of accessories. Instead of piling up a look with multiple small accessories at once (mainly jewelry), I’m wearing less but pieces with more statement. This change isn’t necessarily permanent, but so far, I’m enjoying the look.

One extra thing: As an emotional dresser I’ve learned to never say never to fashion tendencies. Things that don’t work for me the first time around, sometimes become very appealing the next time around.

Carelia - 1

Carelia knows how to layer with pizzazz. For this freezing snow day she combined an above-the-knee black puffer coat with a neutral-coloured maxi trench. It makes for a visually interesting look and adds extra warmth. Cinching the puffer with a wide silver belt tempers the volume of the coat and accentuates the waistline. Wearing a turtleneck with the fur coat neckline means you can forego a scarf. The striped turtleneck together with the white kick crop jeans adds a playful and crisp effect (our blogger is sporting leggings underneath to keep warm and dry). Black lugged-sole combat boots instead of regular snow boots are a very Carelia touch. She finishes off the look with a fun beret and cheerful teal bag.

Carelia - 2

Texture, interesting design details, and on-trend styles all come together in this stylish office-appropriate look. Carelia is pattern-mixing her black and white striped turtleneck tee with elegant navy jacquard print trousers. She then adds a statement jacket with leather trim and oversized grommets. The above-the-hip-length jacket elongates the leg line, while the striped sleeves peeking out from under the topper again create a playful effect. Adding feminine pointy-toe pumps with scalloped straps in pearl silver further dress up the outfit. Snake-print chandelier earrings, studded sunnies and a charming circular straw bag are the unexpected finishing touches.

Carelia has started a new category on her blog, called ‘Monday Work Outfit‘:”I’m having a blast styling work-friendly pieces in a fun and yet professional way. With this category, I started embracing more classic blazers and even suits. Which I love to wear for casual days as well with less serious garments such as jeans and t-shirts.”

Carelia - 3

Tucking a ribbed turtleneck into high-waisted jeans, mixing metals, and sporting different length necklaces over a turtleneck was the height of fashion in the ’70s — and is completely on trend again today. Carelia mixes casual with dressy by pairing her relaxed-fit straight leg jeans with frayed hems with black ladylike flats. Tucking the top lengthens the leg line. A straight-cut leopard print coat further amps up the modern retro vibe, while the black and grey works well with the cool colour palette. The white bucket bag adds a crisp touch. Carelia’s black bowler hat completes the outfit with quirky flair.

Carelia - 4

Carelia’s full midi skirt with colourful conversational print is the star of the show here. To amp up the drama even more, she’s paired it with a white off-the-shoulder ruffled blouse. Opting for a controlled ruffle and tucking the blouse tempers the volume and emphasizes our blogger’s trim waist. To let the two statement pieces do all the talking, Carelia has left off all jewellery apart from a pair of statement earrings, and picked a simple black tote and patent pointy-toe pumps to create neutral polish. Her choppy bob adds extra movement to the look. Oversized sunnies, red lippy and Carelia’s trademark radiant smile finish things off to perfection.

Carelia - 5

Carelia built this stunning arty outfit around a pair of purple vintage YSL pumps and a colourful vintage frock. The white jeans make the vibrant watercolour hues of the babydoll-style dress pop even more. The delicate fabric and flowy movement make the brilliant art print come to life. Layering the dress over a black off-the-shoulder, elbow-length tee is a clever creative touch. Pairing the dress with wide-legged jeans creates dramatic flair. The purple pumps complement the colours of the dress beautifully, while the bucket bag picks up the white of the jeans. Once again, Carelia’s wavy bob and beautiful smile amp up the style factor.

Carelia - 6

Carelia wanted to be comfortable and stylish for a day of running errands. So she dressed up her lace-up sweatpants with a long-line plaid blazer. Pairing the super casual pants with black combat boots creates a punk androgynous vibe. Adding a black and white striped tee further emphasizes that rock ‘n’ roll vibe and provides a fun pattern-mixed effect. Throwing on a spice-coloured pashmina softens the vibe in an unexpected way. The colour also looks marvelous with the black and grey. Black sunnies, black hat and girly pink lipstick, and Carelia is ready for her busy day.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Carelia’s creative outfit combinations. Let us know in the comments, and be sure to browse the rest of her marvelous outfits on her blog.