Since I’m craving structure and conventional outfit proportions on this leg of my style journey, I’ve been wearing my old Love Story jeans with a structured blazer quite a bit recently. I’m LOVING the combination. The jeans are wider than bootcuts on the hem, but fitted on the thigh so technically they’re bell-bottoms. I wear them with two inch pointy toe heeled booties to create a long leg line since the hems skim the surface of the ground. The long leg line and tailored integrity of the outfit feels magical, and I so enjoy the change.

Granted, since I can only wear two inch heels for short amounts of time and bell-bottoms in dry weather, I can’t wear the combination as often as I would like. It’s reserved for short client meetings and dinner outings when it isn’t raining. My favourite combination was combining bell-bottom jeans with a semi-tucked burgundy turtleneck, burgundy belt, velvet floral blazer, cream booties and burgundy bag. I topped the lot off with an olive anorak. The exact items of the outfit are represented in the collection.

The combination on the left approximates my own outfit. The other renditions show how colour adds punch and pizzazz to a simple pair of black bootcuts. Never underestimate the power of colour as a styling tool. Irregular colour combinations can add busloads of interest to basic outfits.

Choose any colour palette across solids and patterns and come up with your version of the look. Here are the components:

Bootcuts: Choose a pair of full-length bootcut jeans or pants. Bell-bottoms are more dramatic because they’re wider on the hems, but just as fitted on the hips. Achieve perfect pant lengths with your choice of footwear. Hems should be no more than a quarter of an inch off the ground with your shoes on if you want to create a long leg line. I like my own hems to skim the surface of the ground because it looks luxurious.

Layering top: Choose any type of top that layers well under a tailored blazer. Anything from a sleeveless shell, tee and turtleneck, to an asymmetrical tunic or boho blouse in either a knit or woven can work. Fit can be tailored, fluid or very fluid. Semi-tuck the top for extra structure or leave the top untucked. The lengths of the top and blazer do not need to match. Personally, I like my tops to be shorter or longer. I can achieve the shorter length with a semi-tuck.

Blazer: Choose a Modern Classic blazer with a tailored fit because you’re after the structure here. Leave the blazer unbuttoned.

Footwear: Choose footwear that works with the length of the bootcuts. Pointy toes look particularly elegant underneath wide hems. The higher the heel that you combine with the right length of hem, the longer your legs will look.

Outerwear: This is optional depending on the weather and setting. I layer a cocoon-style coat over the lot because it’s Winter. Long puffer coats work well too.

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with an optional belt or scarf. Add a bag that works with the palette, and incorporate jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Ensemble: Blazers & Bootcuts