A new outfit from Kimberly Smith of Penny Pincher Fashion, whom we introduced to YLF in October 2013.

Kimberly cleverly uses neutral colours to create a Modern Classic Winter look with plenty of subtle visual interest. She’s layered a black crew neck sweater over a plaid flannel shirt that echoes the black, while the white adds lightness to the look. Pearl buttons on the sweater sleeves further complement the white. The silver studs on our blogger’s pointy-toed ankle boots also add a touch of light to the dark footwear. The “stitch pattern” is a fun way to add textural interest. Opting for a higher shaft bootie with the cropped jeans “bridges the gap” and ensures Kimberly’s legs stay warm. Her streamlined toffee coat creates structure and adds warmth to the black, white and denim colour palette. The chain-strap crossbody matches the palette. Rich burgundy nail polish and plum lipstick finish off the look beautifully.

Kimberly - 1

Kimberly - 2