I liked the colour combination and practical silhouette of this outfit. Black looks great with shades of cinnamon and toffee. The dash of red adds a playful touch. You could pull together a similar look shopping your closet. Feel free to substitute black with dark blue if that’s more to your taste. Use any shade of red.


Create a dressy, smart casual or casual vibe. Here are the components of the ensemble:

Dark Column: Create a black, charcoal or dark blue column of colour as a foundation for the outfit. Use separates or a dress. 

Topper: Choose a cinnamon or toffee topper like a jacket, coat, vest or cardigan and layer it over the column. Choose a plaid topper in the colours of the palette if that’s more to your taste. 

Footwear: Choose black, cream, red or animal print footwear that works with the silhouettes of the outfit.

Accessories: Finish off the look with a red bag and optional red scarf. You’ll retain the red in the outfit with red shoes and/or scarf. Add eyewear and jewellery as desired.

Ensemble: Black, Cinnamon and Red