I love blue jeans. They are practical, versatile, warm, comfortable, flattering, trendy or classic, and easy to launder. But I also love variation, and wearing blue jeans all the time can get monotonous. Here are six great alternatives. 

1. Non-Blue Jeans

For jeans with a less traditional look, opt for black, white or grey jeans. Or colours like burgundy, red, cobalt or olive. Black and white jeans, when crisp, unripped and paired with a dressy support act, can pass for business casual. In fact, they look a whole lot dressier than khakis.

2. Dressy & Casual Trousers

Dressier trousers can be a good substitute for jeans if you dress them down with chunky knits, tees, fashionable sweatshirts, and sneakers. Casual trousers are harder to find, but not impossible. There are khakis, cargos, cords, linen pants, knitted palazzos, Ponte knit skinnies or bootcuts, velveteen pants, micro-checks, and all sorts of patterned cotton-rich and scuba knit options. They’re available in an assortment of lengths and silhouettes, especially in the Summertime.

3. Dresses

Dresses are generally hard to find and fit. But with time, patience, tenacity, a bit of luck, and when the current trends align with your sartorial preferences, you will build a frock capsule. To make sure that dresses don’t become wardrobe orphans, you need the right support act, namely footwear, hosiery and toppers for colder weather.

4. Skirts & Tops

Skirts are usually easier to find and fit than a dress, but they tend to be orphaned unless you know which tops to wear with them. You need to have the right footwear, hosiery and toppers to wear with them in order to create complete outfits that are weather appropriate and make you feel fabulous.

5. Leggings & Joggers

Athleisure is another way to go if you enjoy ultra casual, sporty and athletic looks. The vibe is especially popular in the US, and culturally acceptable in relaxed settings. Outfits with leggings and joggers continue to be extremely popular ways to dress, and the Modern Retro trackpant is making a fashionable style statement. You can do the equestrian thing by tucking non-denim leggings or jeggings into tall riding boots. Or wear leggings under skirts and dresses for an arty vibe.

6. Shorts

Shorts are hot weather friendly, and come in all sorts of fabrics, patterns, silhouettes, lengths and levels of dressiness. Choose a length that you’re comfortable with, and dress them up or down.

As a proud Gen X-er, jeans are my thing. But I have reduced the role of traditional blue jeans in my wardrobe over the last few years. I continue to love white jeans, because they look crisp, graphic, modern and dressy. I like skirts, have a nice assortment, and welcome the addition of a swishy midi skirt for Summer.

I do prefer dresses over skirts because then I don’t have the hassle of finding a top. It’s finally been raining dresses for me, and I’ve added seven to my wardrobe in one year. I found wonderful cold-weather dresses that I can wear with tall tailored boots or booties, insulating hosiery, warm coats, scarves and gloves in Winter. I also like to wear dresses over cropped straights. I’ve always loved wearing dressy and casual trousers across a range of colours, patterns and silhouettes, and have quite a few of those. 

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