I’ve been in the fashion world for more than half of my life. I’ve learned so much and it makes me very happy to share my experience with others when it can help them on their style journey. Here are are my top style tips in no particular order. 

  1. Style is beyond size, age and body type. It’s an energy and confidence that is expressed through clothing, footwear and accessories.
  2. An authentic style is one that’s manageable and makes you happy. It celebrates that style is PERSONAL, and emanates from the inside out.
  3. Be patient and positive with your style. Relax into your style journey. Pat yourself on the back every time you get it right.
  4. Dress the body you have right now. Don’t wait for some future version of yourself.
  5. Create a column of colour when you’re after a streamlined and slender outfit effect.
  6. Be mindful of how you wear black. It can look chic, dressy, slimming, hard-edged, strong and dramatic, but it can also look boring, harsh, flat and predictable.
  7. Focus on fit, and not the size written on the clothing label.
  8. A glowing smile, great posture, and happy eyes are the best accessories to an outfit.
  9. Do not underestimate the importance of fabulous hair, killer eyewear, and excellent underwear. These are the areas of your style to analyze first when you’re in a style rut.
  10. Don’t “compare and despair” by focussing on what others have and you don’t. Compete with the best version of your current self, and focus on what you do have.
  11. Don’t take the emotion out of your style. Listen to how you FEEL in an outfit. The more you are in tune with your preferences, needs and emotions, the easier it is to sport a style that is easy, authentic and makes you feel fabulous.
  12. Celebrate your body because it’s an incredible gift that deserves daily care and praise at any shape and age.
  13. The sooner you embrace the next phase of your own beauty, the easier it will be to stop fighting the aging process and start celebrating the miraculous journey that is your life.
  14. Appreciate all the different ways we can be beautiful. Life would be awfully dull if we all looked the same.
  15. Create brow, lash and lip definition to frame your face.
  16. Look after your skin and wear sunscreen daily.
  17. Keep your fashion feet moving. Allow your style to evolve.
  18. Judge the outfit, and not the person.
  19. Never say never in fashion and style because you’ll be surprised at how your feelings about a look, colour or item can change over time.
  20. Ask three questions to troubleshoot outfits:
    1. Is it the length of an item that will make the difference?
    2. Is it the contrast between the items and your skin tone?
    3. Do you need to add heels to the outfit?
  21. Create outfit proportions that align with YOUR figure flattering priorities.
  22. Your favourite colours are always in style.
  23. Life is too short to save your clothes for special occasions. Ration the super special stuff and wear the heck out of the rest.
  24. Modern Classics can be incorporated into any style.
  25. Have fun with fashion at any age. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your fashion exploits.

Which of these style tips resonate with you the most? Please post your own favourite style tips in the comments section below.