The knife or sunray-pleated skirt is a fabulous item, until you have to think about the top to wear it with. Proportions are all over the place, with pleats that can look very pouffy and overly voluminous on the midsection and hips. This bossy skirt needs some discipline. 

The solution: Wear an UNTUCKED welted pullover over the skirt, and watch it submit to your body.

Outfit Formula: Longer knife-pleated skirt + fluid welted pullover + tailored footwear

The pullover must have a welt because therein lies the secret to the structure of the outfit. The welt tempers the volume of the pullover and of the skirt by tapering back to the contour of the body. The effect is much like a dropped waist dress of the ’20s. You have to be okay with surrendering your waistline completely here.

The welt will be positioned differently on the skirt depending on the length of the pullover. A shorter pullover positions the welt higher on the skirt, and vice versa. The neckline of the pullover can be turtleneck, boat neck, V-neck, scoop or crew neck.

The length of the skirt is knee-length or midi. A welted pullover tempers the volume of all knife-pleated skirts, but if that’s not enough, opt for a less voluminous pleated skirt (one that simply has less fabric).

Footwear can range from dressy tall tailored boots and sleek heeled pumps, to ballet flats, mules and sneakers. Here are some bloggers putting the concept through its stylish paces in both subtle and more extreme ways:

Late AfternoonOne Little MommaWardrobe DetectivesThe Fashion Guitar

  • Urban Glitz. You don’t need to wear heels. The dressy crossbody is a nice touch. 
  • Pretty Structure: A basic J.Crew Tippi pullover is paired with a pleated skirt. It’s fairly fitted, although sufficiently fluid. Great flats. 
  • Elegant Polish: The shorter pullover showcases more of the skirt. The classic pumps are gorgeous with the longer length of the skirt, thereby adding its leg lengthening effect. 
  • Playfully Fashion-Forward: The oversized tunic is an acquired taste creating more of a dress effect. The pumps with ties add outfit texture. 

The Halogen Metallic Pleated Skirt is one of the best pleated skirts of the season, and a lot more affordable than a designer version. It’s soft and the pleats lie quite flat against the body. Great length too. It looks fab with the silhouette of pullover I’ve shown in the collection. Tall, streamlined dressy boots look great with this skirt, as do pretty pumps with hosiery.

There was an ‘80s version of this look with shoulder pads that I wore with dressy flat white oxfords. I may have thrown in some white sneakers too. This time round, I want to wear the look with my tall dressy ink blue boots. Who else is feeling the vibe?