Here are some items that have worked well for my clients recently. Some of them are simple and basic. Sometimes, we overlook how effectively simple silhouettes can be when they are dressed up and down, layered, amped up with accessories, or making a statement piece shine. They may look “boring” or uninteresting on their own, but remember to give them a chance because they can be fabulous in an outfit.

1. Blondo Ida Waterproof Bootie

Puddle, ice and light snow-proof with grippy non-slip and flexible soles. Visually sleek and very comfortable. Works for a wider volume foot, especially if you size up half a size. Low volume feet need to wear thick socks and add an insole. I vote charcoal grey as the best colour of the lot. Very deserving of the rave reviews.

2. Ann Taylor Faux Wrap Knit Top

A lovely modern classic with good drape. It has been SUCH a breath of fresh air to see clients wear tailored pieces like this wrap top for a change. It works well both tucked and untucked. Traditionally flattering. Works on a larger and smaller bust. As good on a straighter figure as it is on a curvier figure. Defines the waist of a rectangular figure, and accentuates the waist or an hourglass. Not good for muffin top.

3. Gentle Souls Ethan Pump

Dandy Fabness. More of a heeled loafer than a pump. It’s gloriously comfortable, super soft, and does not squish your toes. The stable block heel is magical. Visually, it shortens the foot a little, which might look stumpy so consider yourself warned. All the colours are nice. The gold is considerably brighter than the metallic brown or black patent. Works quite well for higher volume feet. My low volume feet were very happy and the gold followed me home as potential holiday party shoes. They are a good match with cropped jeans and trousers, and an unexpected match with dresses. I like them with dresses, and did not find them stumpy.

4. COS Roll-Neck Merino Jumper

Turtlenecks are a wardrobe essential for my style, and there are many to choose from each season. Despite their abundance, the ones that fit around the neck the way I want them to are rare. I like a tight, neat and polished fit around my neck, and most are sloppy. I also prefer knitwear to jersey knit. This turtleneck has a fantastic fit around the neck and is an item of knitwear. The body is as fluid as seen in the pics. The length is quite long, and looks good worn out over streamlined bottoms (not semi-tucked). The burgundy is a rich wine red in person, and that’s the one that earned a place in my wardrobe.

5. Madewell Gold Jewellery

Madewell does great clothing, but they do equally good casual and interesting gold jewellery. It’s well made, usually a brushed gold, and quite unique. The pieces are playful and delicately architectural. Clients often purchase a fun piece when we’re in the store shopping for jeans and tops.

6. Banana Republic Cropped Stretch Velveteen Pants

Many of my clients bought these, and almost all in the burgundy, and I did too. Very comfortable, warm, and with a forgiving fit on the tights, belly area and bottom. Fits a straighter and gently curvy body type quite well. The clever stretch is in the right place, and the thick fabric helps. They do not bag out. They are okay on larger calves when you wear a larger size. Available in longs and shorts. Tall girls should get the longs. They are NOT a casual ribbed corduroy, but a fun, on trend and very wearable velveteen. They look both casual and dressy. For me, they are an alternative to dark wash jeans that I wear at any time of day. NICE to change things up. The burgundy is less eggplant in person. The fit, length and drape is quite accurate in the video.