If you like to wear puffer vests — or “body warmers” as I like to call them — here’s an easy casual outfit combination to pull together in transitional weather, or when it suits your climate. You can probably shop your closet for the look. Here are the components. 

Layering Top + Sleek Bottoms + Denim Jacket/Shirt + Puffer Vest + Loafers + Structured Bag

There’s an example of each of the components in the collection below. The dressier bag and footwear create a polished effect. Of course, you can choose any colour palette, although I like the effect of the low contrast and tonal colours here. It’s dark, but imagine the outfit harmonizing in light tonal cream, tan and toffee.  

Some substitutions:

  • Wear black Ponte pants instead of jeans.
  • Choose a scoop or V-neck layering top if turtlenecks aren’t your thing, and throw on a camisole.
  • Choose a denim shirt instead of a denim jacket. 
  • Adding patterned socks to the loafers is a good way to stay warm.
  • You could leave out the denim jacket/shirt, but then you’ll lose the interesting layered effect. That said, you might prefer it that way.
  • Sneakers, booties, or tall boots worn over skinny jeans are just as fab. 
  • A casual bag creates a much more relaxed vibe.

I don’t have a puffer vest because I worry about my arms being chilly. I used to wear one for horse riding, so they have a casual equestrian vibe that appeals to me. Maybe I would be warm enough with a turtleneck and denim jacket. Only one way to find out. 

Who likes wearing puffer vests?

Fall Vest Formula