If you did a closet clean-out recently, and would like to make a little money selling the clothes and accessories you no longer want, then these 6 tips from expert sellers on Poshmark, Grailed and Depop might be useful.

Racked also shares tips on how to get the most money selling your stuff online.

Did you know you can also sell your unwanted — unused or barely used — beauty products online?

I enjoyed this interview with Naomi Kelsey detailing how and why she started Neither/Nor Style, an online vintage shop that stocks women’s sizes L and up.

Fab Links from Our Members

La Pedestrienne enjoyed this in-depth article about When Cardigans Were Battle Attire. It has some great photos too.

Rachylou was amused by Harper’s Bazaar’s take on what it’s like to wear the Spring 2018 runway looks in real life.

She also reports that luxury handbag maker Coach is changing its corporate name to Tapestry Inc.

Ledonna N. loves this fab SHETOPIA commercial promoting full gender equality from Sally Hansen.

Angie directs us to Sally’s old post on how to dress as you please because it’s a great reminder of the Individualism trend.

Shevia has enjoyed watching the fashion shows and comparing her take with the critics. She thought this is one of the most illuminating articles she has read for fashion show skeptics.