If you’re a redhead, I hope you’re wearing metallic rose gold because the combination is stunning. The same goes for strawberry blondes, and gals with ginger highlights. The coppery colour of rose gold complements the orange hues of red hair absolutely perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven. 

Some rose gold goodies to whet your appetite:

Of course, rose gold is fab for non-redheads too. Much like pewter, it seems to strike an interesting balance between a warm and cool metal. My complexion favours warm colours, making yellow gold my choice of metal. Yet my holiday complement at the moment is rose gold clutch and pumps because I find it sufficiently warm. Conversely, clients who much prefer silver and platinum over yellow gold, will wear rose gold because it’s sufficiently cool for them. 

If you’re taking the day off, we hope you’re having a good one. We also wish our Canadian Fabbers a happy Thanksgiving. Go Team Redheads and Rose Gold. 

Redhead and Rose Gold