Trendy maximal sleeve treatment like bell, lantern and fluted styles look interesting and fabulous, but are tricky to layer over with a topper. Sleeve-squashing and tailored topper sleeves are uncomfortable and crease the sleeves. Things are easy in Summer because we seldom need a topper. 

The maximal sleeve trend is relentless going into Autumn and Winter, which is when you’ll definitely need a topper of sorts. Here are fives ways to top exuberant sleeves. In all cases the toppers have sleeves that are sufficiently roomy to encase the volume of maximal sleeves, or they are sleeveless.

Wraps and Ponchos

Capes and Capelets

Cocoon Coats

Gilets and Vests

Gigantic Puffer Coats and Jackets

I have blouses, a shirt, pullovers, and dresses with bell and fluted sleeves. The exact items are represented in the collection below.

I wear the blouses and shirts in high Summer weather, so no topper required. I add a Summer scarf wrapped around my neck when I’m chilly and stay away from arctic air conditioning. The pullovers and dresses work best under my roomy cocoon coats and cape, although I have squashed them under denim jackets from time to time.

The denim jackets are only just manageable from a comfort point of view because the sleeves of the tops and dresses aren’t that voluminous, and the toppers have stretch. They did unfortunately crease my sleeves, which was annoying. These are the exact toppers that I wear over the pullovers and dresses.

Make sure you have the right toppers for maximal sleeves when temperatures drop. Or simply stay away from the trend and wear tailored sleeves under toppers instead.