I went shopping with Inge in Arnhem in the Netherlands a couple of weeks ago, and we spent some time in Scandinavian retailer COS. We browsed, fitted, and bought fab pieces to refresh for Autumn and Winter. 

COS pieces are architectural, voluminous, unstructured, and an acquired taste. When you combine COS pieces together, you can create an avant-garde vibe that’s arty and unique. Their silhouettes are for the most part beyond body type. This means that if you’re prepared to create outfit proportions that are not traditionally flattering, you can have fun with their silhouettes with any body type up to a size US12/14 (unfortunately their size curve stops there.) Silhouettes are generally fluid or oversized. They may have tailored aspects, but volume is COS’s thing. The items drape extremely well, and some of the silhouettes are genius. 

Most of the time I’m sized out of their smallest size, but every so often I score when there’s just enough structure in the garment. If the pieces fit my narrow shoulders and arms, I can usually make the rest of the volume work. 

I’ve seen COS pieces work on petites, so you do not need to be tall to wear the look. You simply have to add structure to the outfit your way, adhere to your personal figure flattering priorities, and enjoy wearing volume in the right places on your body. 

The items below caught my eye, and in most cases we tried them on. I came back with the A-Line Jumper and Shirt Dress with Irregular Hem, both in olive. There are colour options in each item so be sure to browse the links.

  • COS A-line jumper: Gorgeous two-toned texture and boat neck. Hides bra straps unless your shoulders slope. Substantial fabric and good drape. The lower half of the pullover falls away from the body creating a futuristic - yet Modern Retro - effect that is not shown on the model. Fluid Structure. Shorter in person. Pristine, clean and polished. It had to follow me home. Available in black.
  • COS Shirt dress with irregular hem: Dress that is longer on me than on the model. Hits the top of my kneecap and I'm 5ft 6. It's long at the back and sides, which gives it more "length". Very architectural and voluminous from the side, so you have to be at peace with that. It only JUST does not swallow me up. The shirt detailing and ribbon placket down the front add lots of vertical integrity and structure. Fun side entry pockets. Pristine and crisp. Gorgeous heavy fabric. Impeccable drape. Modern, yet Retro too. Will wear it with tall boots and over skinnies. Have already worn it with cream booties. Maybe with hosiery and oxfords too. Well made. Chic.
  • COS Wool car coat: Structured Cocoon Fabness. And no, you won't look like a giant Easter egg wearing it. Looks better in person. Rounder and more interesting. Well made. MODERN. Crease-resistant fabric that holds its shape. Sharp and quite dressy. Pink is warm - not cool. I almost came home with it, but have my heart set on a turquoise coat.
  • COS Gathered-neck wool dress: A lightweight Fall dress that's fab for mild weather. Great on a shorter neck and larger bust. Fun over skinnies and cropped straights.
  • COS Textured knit cardigan: Inge bought this and it looks fabulous. Richly textured and great drape. Very comfy and weighty. It's A-line - and in this case I think her height helped temper the volume. Comes in black and navy.
  • COS Textured jacquard top: AMAZING sour moss green textured knit top that works best if you can fill it out. Comfy, yet polished. I was sized out of the style but loved it.
  • COS Knitted jumper with shirt detail: Very roomy layers that look fab on blondes and strawberry blondes. Futuristic Folksy. I like the effect with tonal tan bottoms and light bottoms. Available in blue and nice with denim.
  • COS Knitted top with pleated sleeves: This fit a narrow frame quite well. Quite structured, crisp and neat. Comes in black, tan and olive. It would have followed me home, but it's too lightweight for me. Streamlined over fitted pants.
  • COS Drape collar A-line dress: MOD Fabness. Fun side entry pockets and great cut-out detail. Unique. It's very A-line, and best on someone who can fill it out.
  • COS Cotton-jacquard dress: A more structured COS piece in a two-toned knit with gathers on the crown of the sleeves. '80s Sweater Dress Fabness. Fun over sleek pants, or with hosiery and tall boots.
  • COS Knitted top with pleats: A good top for a small-busted pear-shaped body type. Good on a broad-shouldered apple shape too. Hangs beautifully, and is fab over a pencil skirt. Comes in black.
  • COS Tailored pleat trousers: Tomboy Fabness that might run a little small. Can work on straighter and curvier body types depending on how much you want the style to slouch. I love these tailored pleated pants and want them in navy. I'll make them look pretty to temper their masculinity but with flat footwear. Quite the challenge.
  • COS Oversized drop-crotch trousers: Harem Pants Fabness. Great with a boxy tonal top that's left untucked.
  • COS Twisted-seam trousers: Tomboy twisted pants that look really good with a fitted top to temper their masculinity. Works on a range of body types depending on how slouchy you wear them. They are though, more tailored than you think. Roomy on the thighs.
  • COS Speckled straight-leg jeans: These have a very tailored fit up top, and then hang with volume on the leg in a super straight way. Fashion-forward. Early '80s Fabness. Woven. No stretch. DIFFERENT. You can wear them with a tight or roomy top. Semi-tuck, or wear the top untucked. I loved the fabric, which worked well with my hair. I'm still thinking about them, and might give them another go.
  • COS Oversized milano knit jumper: Cozy Roomy Tan Fabness. The welt adds a nice bit of structure, as does the fitted neckline. You have to have a long neck to wear this style. A warm beige. I might give it a go.
  • COS Wool polo scarf: Super cute two-toned SHORT poncho for petites. Comes in grey.
  • COS Draped contrast-panelled skirt: I haven't seen the skirt in person, but the drape and shape look fab. The magical diagonal line across the front creates a slimming effect.

Visit the collection page to see the items alongside my descriptions.