We’re about to say goodbye to Summer and head into Autumn so we’re taking a poll on Labor Day. Do you prefer dressing for Summer or for Fall? 
I LOVE Summer clothes. I adore the lightweight and sheer fabrics, vibrant colours, happy patterns, lack of layers, flowing dresses, pretty blouses, fun skirts, and the high volume of optical white. I wear white jeans (an all-time favourite) a few times a week. Drapey and soft silk and cotton feels luxurious, and it’s wonderful to not wear dark denim. I like wearing shoes without socks and feeling the warmth on my skin. I am comforted and energized by the heat so a hot Summer makes me very happy. 
I LOVE Fall clothes. Although I wear brights and white jeans year round, I adore the moody change of colour palette as I add ink blue, black, cream and earth tones to my outfits. This year I’ve added more olive, which will be a fun change of pace. I like hauling out my dark denim and black bottoms and wrapping my feet back into comfy socks and boots. I look forward to wearing my equestrian jackets, woolly tweeds, heavier weight scarves, wool coats, plaid shirt, cashmere and turtlenecks. As long as Autumn isn’t too cold and wet (read: well above freezing) I thoroughly enjoy the brilliant hues of Fall foliage, the crisp air, and the cosiness of the season. 
I like dressing for both seasons, and enjoy that they are different most of all. I can’t pick a side so I’m benched with a bowl of stir-fried tofu, veg and quinoa, as well as a slice of dense chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. 
Over to you. Are you on Team Summer or Team Fall dressing? NO batting for both teams but feel free to join me on the bench. I bet Team Fall is going to win the race. I hope that you’re having a great long weekend if you live in the U.S.