I enjoy taking care of laundry because it’s satisfying to keep clothing looking pristine and new for a long time. I believe that the more meticulous you are about taking care of your wardrobe items, the better they look, fit and last. Here are five quick laundry tips. 

1. Shout Wipes 

These moist towelettes are a great way to remove a stain “on-the-go” when you travel or are out and about. But they’re equally fab to have at home to remove small stains from items so that they don’t need to go through an entire laundry cycle in the machine. I find them especially useful for tops that get a little grubby around the collar, but are otherwise fine to wear a second or third time. A quick swipe with a Shout Wipe and Bob’s your uncle. No need to pop the item in the machine, which is better for the garment. Over-washing garments wears them out. 

2. OxiClean

I’ve found that OxiClean removes stubborn stains more effectively than any other detergent. It’s especially effective on white wardrobe items, and sufficiently gentle on darks. It doesn’t remove the colour of the garment while scrubbing the stain. 

3. Atsko Sport Wash

I’m new to the product, but suggesting it based on an interesting thread in the forum. Apparently, Atsko Sport Wash is effective at eliminating unsavoury odours from garments (especially from thrifted and vintage garments.) 

4. Block Knitwear Back into Shape

Knitwear made of natural fibres tends to loose its original shape after any type of laundering be it a wash by hand, a cycle in the machine, or a dry clean. Blocking knitwear back into the right shape and fit is achievable and effective with a steam iron. Simply press the garment back into the correct length and width with steam. If you’re a stickler for fit like I am, it’s worth the extra time and effort. Note: a steamer does not block a garment effectively. You need a steam iron and ironing board for the best results. 

5. Air-Dry What You Can

We have a tumble dryer, but do NOT use it for wardrobe items other than some underwear, some of my camisoles, some workout wear, socks and sleepwear. The rest of our clothing is hung out to air-dry in an empty closet or goes to the cleaners. That’s because I believe that dryers ruin the shape of your clothes, shrink the fit, discolour clothing, and wear out the fibres. The heat breaks down the elastic fibres in stretch fabrics, which makes the item bag out after a short wear. Do not tumble dry your clothes.

Over to you. Have you got any laundry tips to share?