This ensemble was inspired by a stylish lady I saw on the street last week. She was wearing a cinnamon or rust-coloured silk top with a gauzy tan maxi cardigan, cropped straight jeans, and wedged tan sandal booties in a luscious soft suede. She carried a giraffe-patterned tote, and wore tortoiseshell sunnies. She had a warm complexion, long auburn hair and was slightly freckled. Polished to the max wearing flawless make-up and gold jewellery. Casually elegant and fabulous. 

It was fun to see earthy Autumn colours worn in a Summery way. Why not! The outfit on the left approximates the one I saw on the stylish lady. Let the creative juices flow, and think of any way to combine earth tones like cinnamon, tan, gold and brown into a Summer outfit. Cognac footwear and bag works well as the cinnamon component if wearing cinnamon is not your thing. 

Cinnamon & Tan with Jeans

Combine a rust top with a tan topper and wear them over a pair of blue jeans. Choose cognac, gold or tan footwear that works with the style of the jeans. Finish off the look with an animal print, tan, cognac or gold bag. 

Cinnamon Dress

Combine a rust patterned dress with a tan topper, or denim jacket. Feel free to wear the dress over cropped straight jeans, if you like that look. Choose cognac, gold or tan footwear. Finish off the look with a tan, cognac or gold bag.

Cinnamon Top & Skirt 

Combine a cinnamon top with a patterned skirt in the same palette. A denim jacket or tan jacket will work as a topper, but is optional. Choose cognac, gold or tan footwear. Finish off the look with a tan, cognac or gold bag. Matching the bag with the shoes pulls the outfit together. 

Ensemble: Summer Cinnamon

These combinations are for those who enjoy wearing warm colours like spicy browns. However, combining a pair of blue jeans with a white top (or blue top with white jeans), and adding cognac footwear and bag will cool down the palette for those who prefer that vibe.