We’re celebrating the dress on this warm and sunny Memorial Day in Seattle. I’m a trouser gal at heart, but dresses hold a special place in my heart because I’m drawn to their elegant vibe. If I lived in a warmer climate, I would wear dresses more frequently. 

Here are ten reasons to make dresses part of your style:

  1. They are an easy “pull-on-and-go” item. One-piece dressing at its best.
  2. They are the breeziest item to wear on a very hot day. 
  3. Their elegant and sharp integrity is sublime. 
  4. They showcase your legs, which might be a favourite part of your body. Milk it. 
  5. They can look equally fab with flats, sneakers and bare legs, as they do with heels and hosiery. 
  6. They’re hip, creative and modern when worn over cropped jeans and pants
  7. They often look more traditionally flattering than a pair of trousers or jeans. 
  8. The right dress can be enormously comfortable, and more so than separates. 
  9. They were made for curvy figures. I LOVE the way a curvier figure can fill out a frock. 
  10. Finally, compared to previous fashion eras, we see far fewer people wearing dresses these days, which makes them quite unique. You can make a statement wearing a frock. 

 Go Team Dress!

If you’re in the US, we hope that you’re having a peaceful Memorial Day. Of course, I’m wearing a dress!