A new trend in fashion are brands that are building their entire identities around the materials they use. Racked has put together a list of labels that are putting their fabrics front and centre.

An interesting look at the design choices and philosophy of Marimekko, the famous Finnish brand.

From animal print to denim: why hotels are upping their bathrobe game.

Meet Mia Vespers, the 25-year-old designer turning vintage tapestries into modern outerwear.

According to The Guardian, tulle is getting a fashion makeover for 2017.

Fab Links from Our Members

This article caught Kerry’s attention after reading forum member Jenn’s #30Wears thread.

As most of us dress casually at least some of the time (and some do so practically all the time), but still want to look good, The Cat thought Brenda Kinsel’s post may be of interest.

Minimalist is loving Erica Bunker’s blog and outfits.

Jenni NZ is currently looking into the Kibbe types, and discovered interesting historical info going all the way back to the 1930s here.

After the “Clear Knee Mom Jeans”, Topshop is now selling “Moto Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans”. Suz is baffled, and wonders if these are the new sweatpant?