Fashion sneakers look less athletic than a running shoe. They’re extremely fashionable and trendy, and can be incorporated into just about any outfit these days. Irregular outfit juxtapositions continue to dominate our fashion era, so much so that running shoes are fashionable. It’s all about whether you like the look of sneakers with your outfit. 

I usually prefer wearing a comfortable pair of casual flats or boots over sneakers, but do have a soft spot for Converse. There’s something about the white toe box, white soles and white laces that I find quite magical. I used to regularly wear classic Chuck Taylors until they no longer worked for my feet. For years I went on a sneaker hiatus although I tried a basic white sneaker for a while. But nothing made me as happy as a fab pair of Converse because I simply LOVE the modern retro and non-athletic vibe of the style. 

As luck would have it, Converse changed the fit of their fancier styles, and the brand once again works well for my feet. They’re a little wide for my low volume feet, but a good fit with insoles and socks. Score!

I’ve also recently discovered that I prefer the look of Converse hi-tops on my body type. The extra coverage of the refined hi-top gives my low volume feet, narrow ankles and calves some substance. The silhouette “fills out my feet and ankles” without looking overwhelming. Luckily, Converse hi-tops also fit snugly around a narrow ankle so there’s no “stem in a flower pot” effect. Converse hi-tops function like casual booties, and therefore work exceptionally well with cropped flared and straight jeans. 

Last year, I bought the Chuck Taylor All Star Faux Fur Chelsea Sneaker in black and cream for Winter, and they’ve been exceptional. They are excellent for travel and dog walking, and became instant wardrobe workhorses. This led me to want a Spring version of the sneaker in a lighter colour. I found exactly what I wanted in Chuck Taylor’s All Star Brush Off Leather hi-top. The gold (my choice of metal), makes them maximal and glitzy, and I’m in the mood for that. The shade of white is a good match with my pearl necklaces, which makes them easy to incorporate into outfits.

Here’s a selection of sneakers that have been winners on clients and friends. Most of the options have one or more colour options. All styles are comfortable or exceptionally comfortable. 

  • Converse Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Brush-Off Leather Hi: FABULOUS ultra casual booties for Spring and Summer. I have these and couldn't be happier with them. They work on a variety of foot shapes, and run quite wide. That said, with insoles they work well on low volume feet. They are bolder in person, so consider yourself warned. Perfect with cropped straight and flared jeans or pants. Well made.
  • Ted Baker London Barrica Sneaker (Women): A little disco floral for Team Cool Colours. Works best on a less fussy foot.
  • Ecco 'Soft 7' Cap Toe Sneaker (Women): VERY comfy and supportive sneakers that work for regular and high volume feet. Fits an orthotic. Read the rave reviews.
  • Paul Green Luca Sneaker (Women): Super cute fish scale textured sneaks that work for low and high volume feet. Size down half a size for low volume feet. Streamlined on the foot.
  • ED Ellen DeGeneres Chapanima Sneaker (Women): Extremely comfortable sneakers. Works well on high volume feet. There is a dog and a cat version. FUN.
  • Vince 'Caden' Slip-On Sneaker (Women): Fab slip-on sneaker for regular and high volume feet. Works well with Super Feet insoles.
  • ED Ellen DeGeneres 'Chapala' Sneaker (Women): If you have wide, fussy feet with bunions, TRY THIS sneaker. It goes up to a US12. It's been a blessing for clients who need trendy walking shoes but have bunion and foot pain. Personally, I think the white is prettiest, but all the colours are fab. Well worth the glowing reviews. Well done, Ellen.
  • Naturalizer Manor Slide Sneaker (Women): You need broad feet and high insteps to keep these on the foot. Very trendy. Read the rave reviews.
  • Ecco 'Soft 7' High Top Sneaker (Women): Fabulous fit on higher volume feet. Excellent cut-out at the back of the ankle for extra comfort. Well made.
  • Ecco Soft 7 Quilted High Top: Gorgeous colours. Available in blush pink too. The metallic green is quite unique. Brilliant for high volume feet, and fits an orthotic. Excellent cut-out at the back of the ankle for extra comfort. A little alluring too. Fab quality.
  • Ecco 'Intrinsic' Leather Sneaker (Women): This style looks a little more athletic than the rest because of the sole, but it's streamlined and pretty on the foot. Beautifully made.
  • ED Ellen DeGeneres Chaperf Sneaker (Women): Very comfy, and fab for high volume feet. Lovely in either colour.
  • Vans Sk-8 Hi Slim Sneaker (Women): A little Modern Retro and best on a wider foot. Not as padded as the other sneakers, so best on a hardier foot.
  • Adidas 'Stan Smith' Sneaker (Women): The trendiest white sneaker in the blogosphere for the last year or so. I like the Modern Retro vibe of the tennis shoe and understand the appeal. Exceptional reviews, and works best on regular and high volume feet. The Ellen Degeneres Chapala sneaker is more comfortable though.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star embroidered leather sneakers: Polka Dot leather Converse make me smile. Very bold and playful on the foot. Not as comfy as the hi-tops.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Faux Fur Chelsea Sneaker (Women): Super cute, comfy, classic, and graphic. Grippy soles for rain and ice. High shafts for ankle coverage. Fleece lining for warmth. Laces to fit narrow ankles. Gold elastic and grommets for magpies. They're a little wide for low volume feet, but not a problem with thick socks and insoles (can accommodate an orthotic too). They will work well for high volume feet. They followed me home and are my new very casual Winter bootie. AMAZING price.
  • Paul Green Pearl Metallic Sneaker (Women): A good sneaker for a wider foot. Looks tidy and interesting on the foot. The brushed metal and pearl detailing is fabulous and quite subtle. Works for both warm and cool skin tones. Beautifully made.

You can see my descriptions alongside the items on the collection page.