I was surprised to hear how V-necks can also be thought of as overly tomboy or mannish when I wrote about them last week. I dress women for a living, and had yet to hear that perspective. Most of my clients adore V-necks. 

Although I generally think of the V-neck as an alluring option because it showcases skin close to the bustline — I do see the point. V-necks like the ones shown in the first collection below might look a little close to men’s styles for some tastes. The solid V-neck pullover looks especially masculine when layered over a button-down shirt in colours like grey, navy and black. 

If a masculine V-neck is not the vibe you’re going for, there are ways to make the item appear softer, more romantic and more feminine. Consider these styling strategies:

  • Sporting long, girly hair
  • Adding bling to the neck and ears 
  • Adding a playful scarf
  • Wearing statement make-up and fingernail polish
  • Combining the V-neck with skirts and heels
  • And if you’re very curvy with a larger bust and defined waist, the female form will outshine the masculine vibe of any boyish looking V-neck when it’s fitted in the right places.  

If you’re still not feeling the V-neck because it reminds you too much of menswear, simply choose a silhouette and colour that is less typical in men’s fashion. The items in the next collection are good examples of the more feminine V-neck. Soft fabrics, drapey styles, flounces, ruffles, lace, cold shoulders, tailored fits, pastels, and dresses will do the trick.