You know you have a shopping weakness when you’re wild about certain items and have a hard time saying “no thank you” when it comes to purchasing them. With these items, your shopping discipline often goes straight out the window. They follow you home at the drop of a hat, even when you have multiples in your wardrobe already. They often result in wardrobe orphans, unnecessary duplications, or a wardrobe for an imaginary climate and lifestyle.

On the other hand, a well managed shopping weakness can be a positive thing. I am a firm believer in keeping the emotion alive in your shopping adventures because it leads to more successful purchase decisions. Your shopping weakness is merely a heightened passion for something you love, so harness it to create a signature look that reflects your personal style.

The shopping weakness I struggle to keep under control is my love for Spring fashions. I go giddy over the fresh colours, crisp textures, pretty patterns, lightweight fabrications, flirty silhouettes, lack of heavy layers, cotton knitwear, assortment of light-coloured neutrals, and the imminent hope of warm weather. Early Spring is absolutely my favourite time to shop. And as the new season hits retail over the next three months, I want it all. 

But when you live in Seattle and run cold like I do, it’s a shopping weakness that quickly leads to shopping for an imaginary climate. Just last week I had to give myself a good talking to as I was browsing some early Spring arrivals (see the collection below.) I need to hold out a little longer before I refresh for Spring so that I can actually wear the items soon after I purchase them. And then I need to be careful that I don’t make too many purchases.

There are also shopping weaknesses that I’ve harnessed as important parts of my personal style. For example, handbags are by far my favourite accessory and I have a large collection that I’ve built over a long period of time (my Chanel clutch is more than 25 years old). Part of my signature look is to swap them out frequently and I feel odd when I don’t have just the right bag to finish off my outfit. I keep things under control by sticking to a budget, and by not purchasing more bags than I can comfortable store visibly in our small walk in closet.

Here is my current collection:

White booties are another weakness of mine. When I see a pair, my heart skips a beat and I have to try them on to see whether they are comfortable. I find them graphic, crisp, modern, a little retro, an effective bookend with my blonde hair, and fresh in a sea of dark footwear. They have become a signature look and a wardrobe essential. I’ve had many, many pairs that have bitten the dust due to constant wear, but I still have quite a large current collection.

What are your shopping weaknesses? How do you manage them? Do you have a weakness that has turned into an important part of your personal style?