This ensemble was inspired by the colour combination of my cosy and comfy new checked Topshop scarf. The top side is patterned and the underside is ink blue. I’ve worn ink blue with rust quite a bit, but only added tomato red to the palette this year. Rust and tomato red look great together to my eye. The ink blue tempers the brightness of the red and cools down the warmth of the rust. The dash of Winter white in the scarf refreshes the combination. I love it.

Combine ink blue rust and tomato red in any way at all. Note that dark blue denim counts as ink blue, and cognac leather counts as rust. Feel free to sport tomato red as an accent if it’s not your thing. Throw in a patterned wardrobe item in the colour combination of the palette if you have one.

Here are dressier and more casual renditions to get you started.

Ink Top, Tomato Topper & Rust Footwear

Combine dark blue jeans with an ink blue top, tomato coat, cardigan or jacket, and finish off the outfit with rust or cognac footwear. Add a scarf that works with the palette. An ink blue coat can work if the scarf has tomato in it, or perhaps carry a tomato bag instead. I added a turquoise bag to this combination, just for fun. 

Tomato Top, Ink Topper & Rust Footwear

Combine a tomato top with black or ink pants, an ink topper, and finish off the outfit with cognac footwear. I threw in a pair of ink and brown duck boots because they look great with the puffer coat. A cognac, black, or tomato bag is fab. A scarf in the palette is optional. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Ensemble: Ink, Rust & Tomato

I wore this combination a few times last week with a change of coat, pullover and footwear. The exact items of the outfits are represented in the collection below.