As my very last post of 2016, here are some thoughts to wrap up the year of style, fashion and retail. My musings are completely subjective, so feel free to agree, disagree, or add to the list. There are no right or wrong answers and it’s all in good fun. 


My Highlight of the YearTen FABULOUS years of YLF, and a very special gift. Greg and I were absolutely blown away. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude, but our hearts are full and we feel very appreciated. THANK YOU.

Fashion Highlight of the Year: Shopping with in-house fashion stylist Greg for my birthday, and a new pearl wedding ring with matching bracelet

Favourite Red Carpet Look: Olivia Munn in a poppy off-the-shoulder gown

Best Super Hero: Batsam.



Buzzword for 2016 Fashion & Style: PERSONAL. 

Favourite Fashion Trends: Modern Retro, Cropped Bottoms, Waist Definition.

Trends I Unexpectedly Fell in Love With: Maximalism and High Fashion Puffer Coats.

Worst Fashion Trends: The ones that don’t make you happy. 

Most Celebrated Body Part of the Year: The alluring ankle.

Best Body Type: A healthy one. 

Best Skincare Workout: Caudalie products and yoga.

Favourite Make-Up Trick: Tight lining.

Best Wardrobe Basics: Uniqlo’s Heattech underwear and socks. 

Best $68 I spent on Footwear: Chuck Taylor All Star Faux Fur Chelsea Sneakers. Super cute, comfy, classic, and graphic. Grippy soles for rain and ice. High shafts for ankle coverage. Fleece lining for warmth. Laces to fit narrow ankles. Gold elastic and grommets for magpies. Combined with Uniqlo’s Heattech socks, I was very comfortable on our snowy getaway. 

Retailers with the Best Customer Service: Amazon and Zappos. It’s hard to beat their (often free) next day shipping and swift processing of returns. And Amazon will credit your return BEFORE they’ve received it.

Retailer Shout-Outs: Nordstrom’s Underwear, Sleepwear and Hosiery departments at the Flagship store in Seattle. The permanent staff offer helpful and accurate advice when purchasing what can be tricky wardrobe items.  

Most Saturated Items at Retail: Distressed and torn denim, oversized tops, too short dresses, and overly tight skinnies. 

Best Movie of the Year: Sing Street.

Biggest Missed Opportunities at Retail: Trendy items that are tailored but not overly tight, and trendy silhouettes in sizes US14 and up. 

Best “New” Colours: Earth tones. 

Favourite Way to Accumulate Steps in a Day: Shop.

Best Way to Look Stylish in Extreme Temperatures: Stay indoors. 

Favourite Photographer: Greg, because he creates the most beautiful images with impeccable attention to detail and a lot of heart.

Best Online Community: YLF!

The Best Part of 2016 Fashion: Its diverse assortment and commitment to comfort.

Best Pin of the Year: Queen Elizabeth with her corgis

Playing with her corgis at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1973.

Best Way to get the Biggest Bang for Your Fashion Buck: Wear the heck out of your beautiful clothes. 

Favourite Style Tips: Be patient with your style, listen to how you feel in an outfit, and never stop having fun with fashion. 

We at YLF wish you a happy and peaceful New Year.