There are many ways to incorporate a faux fur vest into an outfit. With my clients we often fall back on two easy renditions that are flop proof winners. It’s about creating a streamlined column of colour under the vest to offset its bulk. The vest takes centre stage and the support act submits to its glory. 

Choose any colour palette, but you might find it easier to stick to neutrals because of the faux fur. Here are the components of the outfit:

Column of Colour: Create a low contrast between the top and bottom. Wearing a black, charcoal grey or ink blue top with black trousers/skirt or dark blue jeans will create an effective column. Feel free to substitute the separates with a solid sheath dress. Although I’ve shown columns in dark neutrals here, mid-tone and light columns are just as fab. 

Faux Fur Vest: Without the faux fur vest, this formula falls flat. No substitutes. Faux fur vests come in varied silhouettes, and mixed media versions are fun too. Choose any colour in a solid or pattern. Shorter lengths tend to work well with dresses, while longer lengths are good with trousers and jeans.  

Footwear: Choose a footwear style that works with the bottoms, and feel free to add hosiery for insulation.   

Topper: A long arctic puffer usually fits over the bulky outfit if you need warm layers for outside. Another option is to wear a streamlined jacket over the top and under the vest for an interesting layered look. 

Accessories: Finish off the outfit with a bit of bling and a fun bag. Earrings tend to work well here because necklaces can disappear under the vest. Add eyewear, watch, headgear as desired.

Holiday Ensemble: Easy Faux Fur Vest