If you’ve been with YLF for a while, you might recall me saying that earth tones aren’t my thing. Despite loving them on clients and friends who wear them well, I do NOT gravitate towards mustard, rust, tan, camel, ecru, cognac, burnt orange, burgundy, olive, forest green, and brown. 

Well, for someone who doesn’t typically like to wear earth tones, I’ve amassed quite the collection over the years. I have earth-toned toppers, tops, footwear, bags and belts. Granted, I’ve stuck to shades of cognac, rust, toffee and oatmeal for the most part, but they are earthy nonetheless. This collection shows the exact items from my wardrobe. 

And since I’m quite averse to wearing black footwear, I’m finding chocolate brown riding boots a whole lot more appealing and unique these days. That’s why I have my eye on these two pairs of modern classics. Not sure whether I will commit to them yet, but they are on my radar. 

Our style preferences are constantly evolving in small or large ways, which keeps our style fresh, exciting, and fun. That’s why we reserve the right to change our mind about items we typically “would not wear” as we strive to keep an open mind about fashion. Never say never, and keep adding wild cards to your wardrobe. 

Your turn to ffess up. Are you unexpectedly enjoying some colours or silhouettes you said you would not wear?