I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see the light, but better late than never. I’ve become a cashmere wrap convert and don’t want to be without one. I nabbed Halogen’s Cashmere Tavel Wrap in oatmeal when it went on sale, thinking it would be extra cosy for freezing long flights on a plane. It’s GORGEOUS, and I confirm the rave reviews. Ultra soft, cosy, warm, lightweight, flattering, and a good size for wrapping. 

I haven’t travelled with the wrap yet, but it’s become an instant wardrobe workhorse because it double duties in many ways. 

1. Super Statement Scarf

Of course, it’s a great statement scarf, as you can see from the photos in the collection. Dress it up or down, and wear it with just about anything. It’s not going to date, so if you look after the wrap, the cost per wear will whittle down to nothing. 

2. Perfect for Plane Travel

You can wear the wrap as a scarf or wrap on a flight, or drape it over your legs as a blanket. Softer and larger than the blankets they give you on a flight, and probably more fragrant.

3. Handy to Keep at the Office

It’s a good idea to keep a dressier wrap in a versatile colour by your desk at the office for when things get chilly. It looks good, and seamlessly becomes part of any outfit. It doesn’t get in the way when you type and it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve been draping mine around my shoulders when I work at my desk in our home office. 

4. Fabulous Loungewear

It’s a good item to snuggle up with when you’re watching tele, chatting, or reading quietly at home. Wear it over regular clothes or your pyjamas. You might as well be stylish when you lounge!

5. Keeps Your Yorkie Happy 

Our doggy Sam is just as delighted with my new wrap as I am. Sam, who weighs barely six pounds, sometimes sleeps on my lap as I work first thing in the morning. This is hands down my favourite way to use my cashmere wrap.