I’ve found that Mid August is a great time to attend to a few important aspects of my wardrobe before my work schedule gets a lot busier in late September or early October. 

1. Send Outerwear to the Cleaners

I dry-clean our wool coats so that they are ready for another season of wear. I’m usually so done with Winter coats by the time our warm Spring weather rolls around that I forget to dry-clean outerwear in May or June. So I’ve made it a habit to take coats to the cleaners right in the middle of Summer when I know I won’t need them. 

2. Fix Fall & Winter Footwear

My boots take quite a beating, which means that they need a little TLC before I start wearing them again in the Autumn and Winter. Heels need to be resoled, light leather needs a good clean, brown leather could do with a polish, and some of the insoles need repairing too. A visit to the cobbler is on the calendar. 

3. Purchase Bras & Knickers

I replenish my underwear once a year, and might as well do it in August when I make a point of attending to other wardrobe maintenance tasks. The undies I like to wear don’t seem to go on sale so it makes little difference when I purchase them. 

4. Review my Closet 

I do a more simplified closet edit and review monthly, which keeps the process fast, easy and my closet space organized. But twice a year, just before the change of the retail season in August and February, I do a more detailed closet review so that I know what I have, what I need, and how I want to evolve my style. I go through every item and assess whether it stays, goes, or is demoted to a holding zone. 

Finally, if I needed hot and warm weather items I would stock up on them now because stores will be full of woolly Fall merchandise by the time September rolls around.