When thinking about how to store your wardrobe items at home, you’re faced with one big decision right away. Should you store items seasonally, or keep everything together in the same closet year round? There is no right or wrong answer, but both approaches have their advantages and one of them is likely to be better for you. 

Seasonal Assortment 

Organizing your closet seasonally means that you swap out your wardrobe with the change of the seasons while transitional items keep their permanent place. In other words, your closet reflects warm and hot weather clothing in the Spring and Summer, while you pack away cold weather clothing until it’s time to dress for cold weather. This method is practical in homes with limited closet space, and when your climate is extreme. It makes dressing in the hotter months easier because you don’t have to bypass all sorts of arctic Winter woollies to get to that breezy silk blouse and pair of linen pants. You shortcut your outfit creation process by focussing your seasonal wardrobe assortment. 

Keeping it ALL Together

This is when you don’t swap out seasonal wardrobe items by keeping just about everything together in one place. That way you can see exactly what you have with one quick glance. Swapping out your wardrobe seasonally can lead to forgetting what you have (out of sight, out of mind), which leads to unnecessary duplication. Having every wardrobe item available at any time can strengthen the outfit creation process, encourage creativity, and save you in unseasonal weather. It works well for larger closet spaces, and in more temperate climates, because you can wear a larger percentage of your wardrobe year round. 

I prefer to keep EVERYTHING together because I have the closet space and live in a milder climate than those on the East Coast of the US. I just love looking into my closet and seeing all of it right away, which might pander to my control freak tendencies. That said, I do keep wardrobe basics in a separate chest of drawers, and coats in a coat closet by the door. 

Over to you. Do you swap out your wardrobe seasonally, or keep it all together?