Thigh rub and chafing can happen when you wear skirts and dresses. It’s particularly uncomfortable in the Summer because of heat and perspiration. Some stick to wearing shorts, pants and jeans to avoid the rubbing. But the right foundation garments can have the same effect, and allow you to wear skirts and dresses comfortably.

Skimmer boyshorts underwear effectively prevent your inner thighs from rubbing together. They’re like wearing a slip with legs, hence the description, “slip shorts”. Under flared skirts they have the additional advantage of some extra coverage if a breeze lifts your skirt.

Slip shorts are NOT an item of shapewear. The idea is to wear them very comfortably like a regular pair of knickers, so size up appropriately to ensure that you don’t feel constricted. 

Slip shorts are available in a variety of colours, so take your pick. The examples shown in the collection come highly recommended by my clients.