Most of my clients and friends wear earrings. They tend to wear small to medium size studs, hoops or delicate dangly styles. Some will wear big earrings at night or for formal occasions, but only a handful of clients will wear big earrings during the day with casual or smart casual outfits. And by big earrings, I mean LARGE earrings that make a statement, as shown on the models below. 

serefina Peacock EarringsNordstrom Double Wire Hoop Earrings

Big earrings vary in size, mass, and in their level of dressiness. The chunkier the earring, the more noticeable the statement. The more ornate and shiny the earring, the dressier the vibe. You can, though, wear big earrings that are fairly small in mass, like hoops. Their transparent integrity makes them more subtle, and therefore more wearable during the day than chunky or ornate styles. 

I’ve also noticed that it’s often my friends and clients with big hair that sport big earrings. They have thick and often curly hair, which means that small, simple and subtle earrings would be lost. The scale of large earrings complements the scale of their hair. I love the way they’ve made big earrings part of their signature style — to the extent that it would be odd to see them wear dainty studs. 

Kendra Scott Rogan Pearl Stud Earrings

I occasionally see people with very short hair wear big earrings casually during the day. That to my eye makes an even greater statement because the earrings are more visible. You can create the same dramatic effect by wearing long hair up and away from your face. Wearing one big earring and one small earring is a nod to the popular asymmetrical trend, and another way to go. 

Nadri Legacy Crystal Chandelier Earrings

I fully support wearing big earrings at any time of the day if that’s your thing. There is no need to reserve them for occasions, unless they feel off, get in the way, or you have a strict work dress code (smaller earrings tend to look more appropriate in a conservative office setting). Casual big earrings or oversized hoops are a nice way to break in the look when chunkier styles are out of your comfort zone. 

I don’t wear earrings at all, and prefer to make a statement with my specs. Over to you. Do you wear big earrings, and if so, will you sport them casually during the day?