There are all sorts of reasons to dress for our own pleasure, completely independently of what others may think. We appreciate aesthetics. Looking good is a source of self-esteem. Fashion is a creative outlet, a hobby, and a topic to share with others. But we also dress with others in mind

We notice (and maybe admire) people who have a flair for fashion and are well put together. And there is nothing wrong with wanting our outfits to be appreciated too. A compliment about our style can be just what the doctor ordered when we’re feeling down or out of sorts. 

You might dress a certain way for a significant other, your parents, your children, or a particular set of friends. You might choose a particular dress code to fit into your environmental norms. It’s thoughtful to keep your audience in mind when we dress, and can also make us feel more comfortable. 

Of course, I dress for myself. But I absolutely dress for others too. I’m a fashion professional so there is the expectation that I “practice what I preach” on YLF, and stay abreast of the trends. Sometimes I will wear a certain item because hubby Greg likes it (tight black turtleneck, bell-bottom jeans, white jeans, and ink blue military coat come to mind right away). My Dad loves dresses and skirts, so I like to wear those more often when he’s visiting. And I adjust my outfit to suit the dress code of each individual client because it helps me to relate to them more easily.

Over to you. Do you dress more for your own pleasure, or with others in mind?