This ensemble was inspired by a recent outfit creation session I had with a client who likes wearing soft pink. Tomato red, on the other hand, is a newer colour for her style. She has a high affinity for colour mixing and was thrilled to wear a new pair of soft pink cropped jeans with a tomato red dress. My client is a tall blonde so the dress works well as a tunic over the cropped jeans. She also has a fun ‘70s dimension to her look, which comes through in her footwear and handbags. The items in this collection show the exact pieces of her outfit. 

Think of ways to combine blush pink with tomato red. Metallics like gold, silver and rose gold accent the palette beautifully, as do complementary neutrals like white, tan and denim. Here are three outfit renditions to get you started. 

Blush Bottoms & Tomato Top 

Combine blush jeans, trousers, shorts or skirt with a tomato red top. A white or tomato topper is optional. A scarf in the palette of the outfit can further pull together the look. Choose metallic, white or tan footwear and bag. 

Tomato Bottoms & Blush Top

Combine tomato jeans, trousers, shorts or skirt with a blush top. A white or blush topper is a great addition for an air-conditioned office. A denim jacket will also work. Choose metallic, white or tan footwear and bag. Soft floral footwear could be a super cute addition. 

Jeans, Tomato Top & Blush Topper 

Combine blue jeans with a tomato top and blush topper. Or switch around the colours of the top and topper. Choose metallic, white or tan footwear and bag. You could also wear a white top and throw in a tomato red bag. Complete the look with jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Ensemble: Tomato Rose

I would wear white jeans, and play around with my assortment of blush and tomato red tops and toppers to create a nice combination. I’d finish off the look with metallic, white or floral footwear. And throw in a white, gold, blush or tomato bag.