Jeans with raw hems on flared cropped silhouettes and culottes are a great, trendy way to refresh your denim capsule. But few are available in short lengths, and regular lengths can be too long for proportions that are just flattering enough

The good news is that you can keep the finish of the raw hem and shorten the length. Simply cut the jeans to the desired length yourself with a sharp pair of scissors and leave the hems unfinished. There is no need to hem the denim or sew in a seam above the raw edge. The hem will fray perfectly after a laundry cycle and look completely fine (just like the original raw hem). Feel free to cut off some of the longer threads as the hem frays over time. 

My white Current Elliot cropped straight leg jeans were just a little too long when I wear them with flat silver oxfords. (I am that pedantic about pant lengths and will split hairs over half an inch). So I boldly, but carefully, hacked off a little less than an inch to see what would happen. The length was perfect and the hems looked great too. These relaxed fit flared crops have become a wardrobe workhorse and I wear them all the time. That means I launder them frequently, and the new length raw hems handle themselves beautifully after each wash. Take a pair of scissors to denim ladies, and sort out those pesky pant lengths.